Monday, 21 February 2011

wishlist & wants 002

I was going to start this post off with a portrait photo (it's a slight tradition it seems with my posts, and my page views seem to go mad when there is one!) but alas, I am feeling far too weary and tired to do so :( So I thought this is the perfect time to do another wishlist & wants post, so I can show you lovelies what I'm lusting after at the moment rather than my face!

After talking to Sarah last night via twitter I've come across this dress which I tried on today and now I'm in love with it;

Isn't it gorgeous? It comes a little long on me (oh the joys of being a childs height) but I love the shape to it, and the fact it can be dressed up or down. The reason Sarah mentioned this was because I'm after a dress for my 21st, and the one I want is slightly out of my budget (although i'm still considering it)....

Oh god, just looking at it breaks my heart! It comes in this colour, white, black, pink and red. They have a store in Carnaby Street, so I'm considering going to try it on... Eek! 

Moving on, here are some other things I am currently wishing to own!

(i must own this!)

I also need to start giving ideas to people (especially J!) of what I want for my birthday ; ideas are most welcome!


  1. What you doing for your 21st lovely? Love the Aqua dress x

  2. just getting a table at tiger tiger, as there will be music to appeal to everyones taste (theres about 15 of us!) and it was the best deal i got, with drinks not being too bad of prices (compared to other places i looked).

    ah i know, im actually in love with it so much! x

  3. That Aqua dress is gorge, but the DP one is still a good sub! Hope you have a fab birthday! xx

  4. oh god the Aqua dress is gorgeous!

  5. You so need to get that Dotty P dress, it looks so good on you and is only £32 with the discount code! I love the aqua one too but £170 :-/ The last asos dress is really pretty xx

  6. I love the first Dotty P's dress! The £170 Aqua dress reminds me a bit of one of the dresses from an early Kate Moss for Topshop collection, it was available in black, white and yellow I think?

  7. that orangy dress I like the most:)!

  8. I love the coral Topshop dress <3
    Lovely blog xx

  9. That second dress from ASOS is absolute beautiful!

  10. I absolutely love the floral dress from ASOS!

  11. @meg, i know! sarah is a star for hunting it down for me

    @sarah, i know, what a bargain! i have you to thank for finding it AND the discount :) <3!

    @hayley i know exactly what you mean; i wanted the yellow one from her collection, but i could never find it.. they were gorgeous though!

    @cylia, justlikejasper, rachel & abby. thanks for the comments girls xxx


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