Tuesday, 1 February 2011

wishlist & wants 001

I've always liked the idea of having a regular weekly post on something... so I thought this was a good idea to start with! I'm constantly making mental wish lists of things that I must want to own, so putting it down somewhere means I won't lose track of them all hah.

As many of you can probably tell from previous posts, Topshop is where I get the majority of my clothes from - don't get me wrong, I'll shop anywhere if they have things that I like, but Topshop just always seems to have "me" clothes, and the fit is great for me. SO! With Spring just around the corner (I'm optimistic...) here are some bits that I must get my paws on soon:

Eek! How lovely are these bits? I can't wait to throw on dresses with just a cute cardigan in the Summer. Going to parks for picnics, and having pub lunches. I am so excited! I also NEED (yes, need) that boat hat in my life. I have been searching for the perfect one since last Summer, and I think that the above hat is "the one". 

Excuse me for the 'turn my face away from the camera' pose up there ^ One of my eyes has been bloodshot for a week now, and they are both quite pinky where I'm run down and tired; I didn't want to scare you all with my mutant eyes.

Saying that, I need to sleep - I'm up at that awful hour of 6am for University, and I'm not doing myself any favours with still being up now! Although my excuse is, I was meant to do this post this morning before I went to lecture, but I didn't have time! Woops. 

Oh! Also, Sarah is dong an amazing giveaway that you'd be crazy not to enter! 


  1. I love the last 2 shift dresses (particularly the second one) - I was admiring them on the Topshop website the other day. If only I could justify buying them ...

  2. those dresses are gorgeous. i really can't wait for summer...3 months!!!!

  3. ah i feel your pain emma; it's so hard to not give in and purchase them :(

    eek i know laura! not too long away! however knowing how unreliable british weather is, we probably won't get much sunshine or warmth!

  4. Thank you for the link! Ive just been updating the giveaway spreadsheet, did you know you havent actually entered? Im going to put you down for the linkage anyway :)

    Hope your eye gets better soon :( xx


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