Wednesday, 26 January 2011

baltimore clap.

Hello there strangers - remember me? Thought not. It has been two weeks since my last blog post. TWO WEEKS! I am actually a poor excuse for a blogger :( Apologies! I won't bore you with my excuses reasons, but I assure you it won't happen again!

I have been a naughty girl recently, and bought lots of stuff (that I can't really afford as I'm still paying off my car... shh), but there is so much lovely S/S stuff out there at the moment that I just could not resist! I have no will power what so ever. It's because of this that I don't think I will ever be able to save up and afford my own place!

Anyway, these are the lovely things I've been getting my mitts on;

I also purchased some trousers and a cute top which i wore today;

I always love seeing other peoples outfit posts, but I never really have the time and patience to always do my own. My room is far too tiny, and the rest of the rooms in my house are too impractical to take photos in! I'll try do some more every now and again, probably more so in the Summer - that way I can do them outside where space isn't a problem :)

I've also changed my layout ever so slightly with my choice of fonts... I would love to re-do it completely, but I am the worst person at designing layouts and doing any type of fancy html! However, if anyone is feeling generous, I would love some help in designing one!

Oh! I also want to wish Sarah a very happy birthday today too. Make her day & go visit her blog; it's full of lovely photos, and (unlike yours truly) she's a regular blogger :P 

I need to dash, but I shall update in a few days!


  1. Love this outfit post- the outfit is gorgeous. Those topshop tops are really lovely

  2. i love your outfit! i love the cut of your trousers too, they're really cool. also, that font is really great too, very pretty!

  3. Thank you lovely :)

    I bought the burgundy trousers for my Sister for her birthday along with one of those scalloped vests. I paid full price for them though :( I hate it when that happens.

    I love your close up photos, I might be able to take okay ones of my outfits but I really struggle taking them of me and usually end up looking like a right weirdo! Love the colour of your wall too btw xx

  4. @steph thank you! i love them, so easy to chuck on with any outfit :)

    @laura aw thanks! i never thought they really suited me, but i loved them so much that i just gave in and bought some haha.

    @sarah ah no worries, i hope you had a lovely day! i adoooore the lace topshop dress, so pretty!
    ah thats annoying when that happens :( im always tempted to take it back then re-purchase it at sale price :P

    nooo, you always look lovely in yours! im thinking of investing in a tripod soon - may help!



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