Friday, 7 January 2011

winter glow.

Fake tan - the love and hate of womens lives. I'll admit, I love having a nice tan and glow (especially if it's natural!), but I have no time for the upkeep of it. I'm a typically lazy student aren't I?
I went through my phase of fake tanning in college (3-4 years ago), where I would use it at least twice a week to upkeep a nice colour! However I stopped when some girl sneered at me saying "Why are your arms so brown? It's winter...".

Occasionally i've used it when going out to parties/clubs/bars, and want to get my legs out and not look casper white! However, this is a good year - 2 years ago now, and i've been trying to 'embrace' my paleness since then.

As you may have read in my last post, I have my work party tomorrow, and I'm considering, for one night only, to look a bit golden, and less washed out. I used to use St. Tropez (the liquid tan, not mousse!) and apply with a mitt, mixing a little with moisturiser for my face and neck. However, it's been in my cupboard for quite some time, so I don't think it would be wise to use it! My question to you girlie, is, what recommendations do you have of fake tans? (pref ones that develop better over night). I'm going to purchase a new one later, but would love to hear what you use for yourselves (if any!). For the record, I wish not to look like this;

(link) i mean.... really?


  1. i love xen tan! especially the dark lotion as opposed to the spray, although i don't know where you can buy it other than online! feelunique sell it, but you wouldn't get it in time :\

    i made a review a while back if you're interested :)


  2. thank you! i'll go have a read now :-) i can always purchase it for future parties & what not :P xx

  3. Ah I've never used fake tan in my life, being ginger means I have a pale complexion and look ridiculous after being on holiday! O:) So I couldnt give you advice unless I lied, so I'll just say, hope you find a good one! x

  4. haha thank you rosie! i ended up spring cleaning instead of going out to buy a new one, so i'll prob just use my trusty st.tropez for now :P xx

  5. i know it's infamous, but dove is the fake tan for me (i'm sitting here waiting for it to dry as i type!) i'm CASPER white too, and use the light dove moisturiser two nights in a row before going out. it never looks orange and is fairly non-splotchy. i love it :) X

  6. ooh sorry i've only just seen this comment! ah i tried dove many years ago, but i found it came out streaky on me :( i may try it again though! thanks for the rec. :) xx


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