Sunday, 2 January 2011

the number fifteen.

my motto in life. 
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Sorry guys, I know I was going to do my Christmas entry yesterday or today, but I've been so ill, and haven't got 'round to sorting my things out & picking up my camera. It seems like everyone is coming down with colds/flu recently :(

I've seen this going around the blogging-sphere at the moment, and the very lovely Meg from 'Made In A Cup' (check out her blog, she is awesome!), tagged me in her entry, so here goes!

Rules: Come up with fifteen random facts about yourself & share them with the blog world!
After doing so, tag 5 other bloggers to do so too.

1. I am awful with money. I mean, seriously. I'm always poor/in debt, and never seem to know where it all goes! It seems to be on a mix of petrol, Topshop clothes that i don't actually need, Nandos, magazines, or beauty/facial stuff that I probably won't use. In the future I need a job to fund the lifestyle that I so desperately need!

2. I'm a mere 5"2.5 /sadface. I hate being short, especially as everyone else in my family is taller than me! (including my fourteen year old sister). However, it does mean I can wear whatever size heels! Yipee!

3. I get fed up with my hair so easily. I've been wearing extensions for over four years now, and have a feeling I'll never be able to part with them! Only until recently have I grown my fringe out, but I'm now looking to have it cut back in and dyed a different colour, as I'm now hating my hair again. 

4. I hate confrontation. This makes me seem like a pushover, as I hatehatehate arguing/having to confront someone! 

5. Being British, I constantly moan about the weather. When it's Summer I get annoyed with the heat and how I can't wait for it to be Winter, then when Winter comes, I moan about the snow, and sub zero temperatures. 

6. I love cocktails. I mean, seriously love them. More so than beer & wine! My favorites our Raspberry Daiquiris and Cosmopolitans. Yum. 

7. I have a lot of guilty pleasures when it comes to TV shows that J teases me about. I'm a massive fan of Gossip Girl (major love for Blair and Chuck), 90210, Don't Tell The Bride, Snog Marry Avoid, One Tree Hill, Dexter, House, The Only Way Is Essex, Fringe... there's too many!

8. I have to wear glasses for most everyday things, as I'm short sighted. It's unlikely you'll ever see a picture of me wearing them though, as I think I look a nerd!

9. I hate talking on the phone to people and will avoid it at all costs. It makes me SO nervous, and I feel like I'm going to throw up. I'm an idiot, I know.

10. I've actually traveled to quite a few places, including New York, Majorca, Rome, Venice, Verona, Milan, Paris (quite a few times), Egypt (inc. Cairo when I went) Germany, Cyprus & Barcelona. There's still so many places I wish to go though, including the Caribbean, Thailand, Tokyo and Australia.

11. I'm saving every book I've ever purchased, as I wish to one day have my own library in my house. *swoon*

12. I worry SO much. I seriously think I'm going to have some type of breakdown before the age of 30 at this rate!

13. For those that don't know, I actually live in Essex, and always have done. I don't sound like those off of 'The Only Way Is Essex', thank god, but I don't think I have a nice accent, which is why I won't ever do a video blog!

14. I hate people who can't spell properly (I don't mean if they are dyslexic or something, just have no common sense). Especially when they spell things phonetically, or get your/you're mixed up. ARGH. Due to this, I will never join a Facebook group if the spelling or punctuation is wrong. Does that make me mean? :(

15. Although I may not seem it, I am actually very, very, insecure and self conscious. I look in the mirror and point out so many flaws! Or I'll be worrying about what I look like when I go out (especially if I'm dressed up!). Saying that, I am excellent at hiding these fears and worries ;)

Can't wait to see these lovely peoples responses!
Caroline - Sparkly Vodka

Make sure to check out their blogs too :)


  1. Haha, thank you!

    11 & 14= Me all over! Once I was flirting with this guy and he sent a poorly spelt text. I just couldn't look at him the same way after that! xx

  2. Just came across your blog today and this is a nice first post to read. I'm just the same with the talking on the phone thing, I get so nervous and my family tease me about it.

  3. @meg: haha i'm glad someone else is the same! it angers me so much :P i think i have slight OCD with it!

    @safetypinlottie aw thank you! i'll make sure to check out yours :) it makes me happy to hear i'm not the only one who's like that! i get teased too about it :(


  4. Yes to cocktails over all other alcoholic drinks. I love anything raspberry flavoured especially when mixed with gin. Yummy. I also have great love for Chuck Bass although I haven't seen the last season yet as I missed the final couple of episodes of season 3 and havent found time to catch up.

    This kind of post may be a bit cheesy but I think its a great way to find out a bit more about each other xx

  5. oh you must(!!) catch up & watch the current season when you get the time it's amazing! :)

    yeh me too! i love reading what everyone else has to say. makes everyone seem more than 'just a follower' don't you think? (however lame that may sound). i want to get to know everyone whose blog i follow & who follows me!


  6. I'm so pleased there's another person in the world who hates talking on the phone as much as I do, I make my mum pretend to be me!

  7. eek sorry i've only just seen your comment! ah i despise it :( i get unbelievably nervous when i do it, i feel so silly! xx

  8. I only just saw that you tagged me in this! stupid blogger hasn't been updating my feed.
    I shall get on it this week :)
    loved your answers, I am exactly the same in so many ways! Especially people getting their spelling/grammar right. I'm so pedantic!


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