Thursday, 6 January 2011


Mac raincoat - ASOS
Top & Skirt - Topshop

(my face isn't meant to be in this, I did it on purpose to get a better view of the top - promise!)

I'm kinda cheating with this post, as I took these photos at the beginning of the week, shhh. I'm still not feeling 100%, and I've been super busy, so I haven't got 'round to doing this entry! I'm going to a 'best and worst of 2010 in photos' this week, as looking at all you lot doing mine has inspired me to also do one! It's a good way to look back on the year :)

It's my work Christmas party on Saturday (a bit late, no?), and I am having a m.a.r.e about what to wear. I work in retail, and have had the same job for four years, so I know pretty much everyone in my store. However, because of this, it makes me uneasy on how to dress! Those who work in retail will know what I mean, when I say about how gossipy/bitchy it is. Too underdressed and I will look like I've just stepped off the streets, and too overdressed, I'll look like I'm going to a wedding (well, this is how people I work with will see it as!). I'm not to particularly care what people think of me, but I wish to look nice and make an effort! I have a couple of dresses in mind, so I'll post a photo Saturday! 

Back to Uni Monday too, boo. With all the Christmas and New Year rush, I haven't got 'round to completing an essay due at the end of the next week. So guess what tomorrow will consist of doing... yup you've got it, bed, reading, napping and eating. (not really, I'll make a start on it... maybe..). 
It is going to kill me getting up at 6:15am next week, I've got too used to laying in till 10am most days! However it will mean I get to put videos on my new iPad, which will make train journeys a bit more bearable! Im also planning on rekindling my friendship with the gym tomorrow/next week; god help me!

Did many of you make many resolutions for the new year? Mine are (so far);

  • Eat more healthy (farewell biscuits, my dear friends)
  • Go to the gym more, and stop being such a sloth
  • Start my essays early (pah!)
  • Stop over-worrying, over-thinking & generally being a stress head!

I am looking forward to seeing if I manage to last with any of these ; especially number one and four! I want to hear yours too!

ps; if any of you lovely ladies and gents are on twitter, feel free to follow me here! It's private, but I'll accept, don't worry ;)


  1. I love the mac. My resolutions are to comment on the blogs that I love reading and to try and tweet more and so far I think I am doing alright! I didnt do any unrealistic ones like diet/healthy eating/fitness as I would have failed them already!! Looking forward to seeing your party dress and most importantly have a great time xx

  2. thank you! i have a couple lined up, im just too indecisive to pick which one!

    from what i've seen on twitter/here, you seem to be doing well so far - keep up the good work ;)
    ps; thank you! i shall try too :P

  3. I love tops like this :) I think one thing I'd like to stick with this year is to continue reading! And being less of a procrastinator, haha.

  4. me too! i love how you can wear them w/pretty much everything - leggings/skirts/jeans/shorts!

    haha same @ being less of a procrastinator; i am the worst person for it! x


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