Friday, 31 December 2010

how times flies.

Dress - Topshop

Ah how quick has this year gone?! I can't believe it will be 2011 tomorrow, crazy. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas - I've been reading many of your posts, and it looks like you lucky ladies got nice and spoiled - just what I like to see! I'll post my gifts and sale hauls tomorrow or Sunday (depending on the hangover I may or may not have after tonight!).

Hope you all have a lovely night if you are doing anything & make sure you all stay safe! See you in 2011.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

brief encounter.

01. Sorry I haven't updated in what seems forever! Last week I had a mare trying to finish my work for University, and have been busy ever since! I'm not in work this week (and I broke up from Uni last week), but I feel as if I haven't stopped to rest. I need to finish wrapping presents today & sorting out J's last one, and then I can finally relax! Phew!

02. Speaking of presents, I can't believe it is only two days till Christmas. Two!! Where on earth has this past year gone? It seems to have flown by! I'm so thankful the snow has finally melted too (well it has down south!) I was starting to hate it, as it made walking and driving a mare (plus, I also find it incapable to dress fashionable yet sensible in this weather, it drives me mad).

03. I still have no plans for New Years either, boo. I'm not a massive fan of it, but I really don't want to stay in for it! Last year I went to a house party, and it was so much fun, but the same people (my close friends) aren't doing it again this year because of personal reasons. I went to London the year before that, which was okay, but everywhere was expensive and it was so busy! What are your plans for NYE?

04. I have made a New Years resolution too; must go to the gym more often. I'm getting so lazy, and the thought of bed and food is so much more appealing then dying on the treadmill. I am starting to develop thunder thighs and a podgy tummy though (and I haven't even started on the Christmas sweeties/alcohol yet!). So I'm going to aim to go at least 3 times a week... have faith in me!

I probably won't update till after Boxing day now, so have a very Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all get what you want!

Monday, 13 December 2010

how far is too far?

note: this entry is purely for my course, hence why I'm disabling comments. If you have any comments or general feedback, feel free to e-mail me lovelys! My posts shall return to normal shortly after this :-)

Fat vs Thin ; the never ending debate. For years there has been controversy over what size (fashion) models should be. If they are all stick and bones, then there is uproar - people proclaiming how they are just too thin, and that they aren't portraying how 'real' women should look. If they are anything bigger than a size 10 then they are much too big to model and are even considered being 'plus size' (and seeing as the national average dress size in the UK for women is a 16, that is saying something..). So where is the line drawn exactly?

(taken via weheartit)

Recently designers are seeming more keen to promote, as such, plus size models. In New York Fashion Week this year, designers such as Mark Fast, Marc Jacobs and Prada were using models up to a size 14*, which sparks some hope for the future. Could this just be the start?

Model and America's Next Top Model host Tyra Banks, is also joining in on promoting plus size modeling. As a plus size model herself, she has managed to go far with her modeling career, despite constant managers persuading to lose weight. On her show, she will take women of all sizes, and a plus size woman has even gone on to win on her show, despite her size.
Another model who exploded onto the scene of plus size modeling is Crystal Renn. She stormed into Jean Paul Gautiers catwalk** showing the world that she wasn't conscious or worried about her body. She was an inspiration to many girls - finally, someone a normal women could perhaps look up to?

Unfortunately, many girls of this generation are becoming obsessed with their weight and body. In many magazines now, there are young girls writing into columns, saying how they don't feel skinny enough, or pretty enough. There are girls as young as thirteen who believe that they need to diet in order to look nice. How did it get this far?

Many may argue that a lot of this is down to advertisements and celebrities. Flawless women with what is seen as a 'perfect' body are used to promote products - shining teeth, glossy hair, toned body's, smooth skin, the list goes on. It  gives the impression that, to be slim, and to have no flaws, is to be beautiful.
In mens magazines, such as FHM, the models are slim, big breasted, and have no ounce of fat on them. How are women meant to be compete with that? Must be all look like glamour models in order for men to find us attractive?

Many celebrities also don't help with this. In magazines such as Glamour and Cosmopolitan, there is news of how celebrities are dieting, and pictures of how they sued to look (normally rather curvy/slim), and how they look now (very very slim / skinny). Magazines are flooded with diet tips of how to get slim or help get a body like a known celebrity. It is almost as most they are throwing it in our faces - this is what we must look like, and this is how you will get like it.

This leaves women stuck with what to do. Are we meant to be stick insects, glamour models, or are we meant to look like normal curvy women? Or perhaps, shall we just stay in our own skin, eat when we want, exercise if we wish, and turn our backs on the anti- 'real' women campaigners. Yes? I thought so too.

* source: Daily Mail
** source: Any Girl Friday

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

smile like you mean it.

(via here - i may be going back here next year, yipee!)

If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you'll know that I'm the worst person when it comes to doing any type of work - I'm constantly procrastinating; especially on Facebook or/and Twitter! Anyhoo, I was browsing my Facebook today; y'know, stalking, looking at old photos, the usual... and I came across a 'note' I had written last February. At the time, they were all the craze, and it was basically "25 things no-one knows about you" (or some rubbish like that!).

I've seen some similar things lurking around on the blogging community, although it's normally 7 things, so I thought I'd join in and let you all have a sneaky peek into my life!

01. You wont meet anyone who worries as much as I do. seriously, I am the biggest worrier ever. I actually fear I'm heading towards some type of nervous break down, as I can never seem to relax/not have things on my mind!

02. I have major trust issues. it's only because of J that I finally feel comfortable opening up (although only to him mind you...). I never used to be able to trust someone 100% - I didn't intentionally do it, or want to push them away, it's just how I was. I didn't like (and still don't) feeling like I'm putting my problems on other people!

03. I have strange eating habits. I HATE doughnuts and marshmallow (which is shocking to some people) and if I butter bread I can’t have it lumpy otherwise I can’t eat it. I can’t mix food in my sandwiches either (eg. I cant have cheese AND ham, or tuna AND sweetcorn). I also go through phases of loving one food and living on it for weeks on end, before finding something different! At the moment, it's the pepperorn Kettle chips. Nom.

04. I'm still scared of the dark... slightly. i do the whole 'turn the light off downstairs then sprint into my room' thing. I have no idea why, as clearly, there is no-one downstairs in my house, but it's something i can't grow out of! I also have to sleep closet to the wall/furthest away from the door when im in bed.

05. I'm so clumsy. you would laugh if you saw some of the things I manage to do. I'm always dropping things, throwing my phone (aka, it magically sliding out of my hand and hitting itself agaisnt a hard surface), spilling hot drinks. I'm an accident waiting to happen!

06. I hate cooking. remember my post about baking lasagne? Probably the most extreme thing I've ever cooked! I have no enjoyment from cooking meals - and it stresses me out, as I'm trying to remember a million things at once (See what i meant about worrying?).

07. I am oh so very indecisive. which annoys the hell outta' people. i hate making decisions incase the other person doesn't want to do the same thing/think it's rubbish! I'd rather just go alone with it all.

I hope you don't find me too weird from reading that! Also, expect about 2/3 boring updates in the next couple of days - It's for my Journalism coursework, and I need proof of actually writing something up and presenting it on my blog; boo.

Till next time....

Monday, 6 December 2010

paper romance.

01. Hi new followers! I've noticed I've had a couple more in the past few days, and this makes me happy! I like the fact that people are enjoying my blog, and what I have to say, that they want to keep up to date with my ramblings. I don't do many self portrait photos, so for all you newbies, this is me!

02. I went and saw Jimmy Carr last night (for the fourth time now i believe?). It was quite a good night despite missing the last train, and it then taking two hours+ to get home. I was not a happy bunny to say the least. As expected, Jimmy was his usual crude self - I cringed, I laughed, I did the "oooh that was harsh but I'm pissing myself anyway" moment. There was a crazy/drunk 40 something lady in my row, who became a bit of a laughing joke for the people around me! She kept shouting out "TRAIN DRIVER" for some bizarre reason. I'm pretty sure she was completely smashed off her face. I also managed to sit down on the chair and break three of them, which was utterly embarrassing! All in all though, a very good night.

03. CHRISTMAS IS SOON!!! I have to keep reminding myself though, as now that it's snowed/melted, I keep forgetting Christmas day is yet to come! I still haven't bought all of my presents... I'm currently awaiting HSBC to contact me back about my overdraft - It's a painful wait and it's just adding to my list of stressful things at the moment. Cry.

04. Although I'm a bit late with this - how amazing was the new Harry Potter film?! I've always been a hardcore fan of the books, and didn't particularly like the first few films and how certain people we're portrayed (aka Sirius and Lupin), but I thought the first part of The Deathly Hallows was a-may-zing. I geeked out slightly and digged out my copy, and read from where the film ended to the last page of the book. I can't wait to see how certain scenes will be played out in the last part of the film! (I won't give anything away for those who haven't read it).

05. &just a quick ps, i dyed my hair yesterday (finally - and not that you can tell from the photo). I was getting to the point of hating it, so I picked up a L'oreal Casting Creme Gloss in 'Chocolate Truffle' - it's a dark brown with lovely shades of red throughout - I love it! Although I was majorly panicking incase my extensions decided not to turn the same colour... I think I would have cried if it went wrong!

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

long time no speak.

(taken via weheartit)

I have been a bad blogger to you all these past few days (or has it been weeks?!). I am bogged down with University work, which must be finished by the 15th of Dec, and I have also been ill! Last week I seemed to have 5 things wrong with me, and when one symptom or illness went, another started. I think it's my body's way of telling me off for not going to gym, ha. Due to this, I've been lacking on outfit posts too, as I've ever stayed in wearing 'slob' clothes (you know the sort - tracksuit bottoms, vests, jumpers), been in work uniform, or been going to Uni looking awful - like a 14 year old who has no sense of style yet.

With inspiration from Rani and her blog Cupcake Couture, I've decided to do a monthly rundown.

I've been buying: Christmas presents! I'm going to be completely skint afterwards, but it will all be worth it. I'm so excited to give everyone their gifts!
I've been eating: Nando's and Kettles crisps. I am seriously addicted to both of them : once I had Nando's 5 times in the space of 6 days. Crazy.
I've been reading: Asides from novels for my course, I recently purchased the prettiest version of Oscar Wilde's, The Picture of Dorian Gray. I'm going to start on it tonight, eek!
I've been listening to: All of Magnetic Mans album, Katy B and some Benga!
What I've been watching: X factor, as always. I was out both Saturday and Sunday night, and I was actually having withdrawal symptoms not knowing who was good/rubbish/went home. It's my guilty pleasure :-( I also went and saw the new Harry Potter film which I shall do a review on in my next post!
What I'm looking forward to: Christmas and time off (from work and uni). I can't wait for days of laying snuggled up, with food, films, and J to cuddle. I'm also looking forward to stuffing my face through Christmas, as it's 'allowed'. I can be a porker and it will be acceptable, hurrah.
What I'm not looking forward to: a) having no money till Christmas eve. b) trying to purchase Jamiroquai tickets on Friday c) finding a new dress for my Christmas party as the French Connection one from this post looks awful on me. Could have cried when I tried it on!
What I've been wishing I could buy: General pretty clothes and dresses and shoes. I shall do a full down in my wish list in a few days. I hate not having money to treat myself to things!

I don't have much more to say right now, so i shall leave you this photo for lols:

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

baby it's cold outside.

Brrrrr, when did it get so cold?! I've had to result in buying a new think chunky scarf (Primark, £8; it's amazing!), my gloves, the lot! This is not a good thing, as I hate having to wear gloves; I'm a girl who loves her food and her phone, and I seem to be incapable of doing anything involving these two when I wear gloves. I should probably invest in some mitten/fingerless gloves or something... hmmm.

I am going to sound like everyone else on blogger, but ohmygod at X Factor this weekend! I'll admit, I am not a massive Aiden fan (unlike my best friend who now refuses to watch the rest of X Factor due to his departure), but to keep Katie in over him? Really? Urgh. However saying that, as long as my darling Matt wins stays in, I don't care about anyone else. Secondly, did anyone think Cheryl's hair had a resemblance to Bram Stokers Dracula?


I am also so excited to see that American store Forever 21 has opened it's first UK store in Birmingham (too far for me *sob*), and you can purchase items on their UK website, yaaaaay. I have seen so much I would like already, and it's not as expensive as I thought it may be either! After Christmas I may take a trip up to their store, as I've wanted to go to the Bullring for a long time now also. Yipee!

I am very poor till after Christmas now, so I'm depressing myself with looking at things I wish to purchase but can't... Some bit's i am currently lusting after at the moment are;

(I need this dress in my life)

I would be eternally grateful if someone bought me some things off of this list for Christmas? Please? *flutter*

Friday, 12 November 2010

winter wonderland.

Sorry I've been so delayed on blogging recently; University & work is taking over my life. If I'm not at University, then I seem to be at work, and if I'm not at work I seem to be doing work for University. It's a vicious cycle! I've been keeping an eye on all your posts, and commenting when I remember, so I haven't forgot about you all!

(taken via Flickr)

I started my Christmas shopping on Wednesday with my Mum, and although it is resorting into me having to go open an overdraft, I'm excited that I'm nearly finished! I just need to finish getting some presents for the family and J's - I feel so organised! Christmas is only six weeks away also! Six! Crazy. I've been shopping with my Mum to pick my presents, and I can't wait to recieve these!

(these look so much nicer in real life)

I was planning on doing a post with more things, but I can't find anything online! Typical *huff* I am still debating what to do with my hair also, I'm so bored of it and need to do something new with it! Any ideas would be most welcome :-)

I'll do some more outfit/portrait posts this week or next too ; I haven't picked my camera up in a while, but I'll start making more of an effort!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

play that funky music.

Gigs. Festivals. Concerts. What do you prefer? What have been your favorite ones?! Without sounding like a typical student, I do love my music and my festivals / gigs. I love that moment, when you're standing around with friends, laughing and drinking whilst some music plays, then it all goes dark, the music stops, and you know your favorite band are about to start.. it always gives me goosebumps, and it is arguably one of the best feelings in the world. 

I tried something new tonight though... i got J tickets to see Magnetic Man at Heaven in London, and he took me with him. Don't get me wrong, they are an amazing band (i use the term 'band' lightly here) but I had never been to a small gig like this... "what do I wear?" "Does everyone go crazy? Or stand back and chill with a beer or something?" As you can tell, i was being typical girly and having a major dilemma. 

Magnetic Man are made up of three DJs, known as, Benga, Skream, and Artwork. They use a laptop each to synchronize their music, with "one playing drum samples, one playing basses and the third playing leads and samples"* Together they produce their songs released as a group, as well as some of their individual work remixed into each other.

The venue itself was unlike anything I'd been to before - it was underground, and not very big (in comparison to somewhere such as Brixton Academy), and was made up of small arches - some used as passageways in between the bar and, what i can only describe, as a hall..., and some closed off and used for seating. Slightly surreal to say the least.

Like most concerts and gigs, they had a warm up act, who was actually Katy B, a young woman who sings on a few of their tracks (it was their song 'Katy on a mission' that got them mainstream). She definitely got the crowed going, despite only singing about five songs, due to not having recorded much solo stuff yet.
Thankfully, once she had finished it wasn't long until Magnetic Man started. Most concerts these days seem to have a warm up act, then leave you waiting for the main act for a good half hour or so, so this made a pleasant change!

They came on the (tiny!) stage like any other act, and after some screaming from the crowd, they were ready to go. They played various songs off of their album such as 'Ping Pong', 'Mad' and 'Karma Crazy', making the atmosphere seem as if you were in some type of underground club. The bass was heavy, the crowd were crazy, and everyone was singing and dancing like there was no tomorrow. Ms Dynamite was a special guest, and appeared to perform their song 'Fire' (although for some reason she wasn't around to perform her and Katy B's song 'Lights On'...) and Katy B also performed 'Katy on a mission', which is actually a remix of Benga's, 'Benga on a mission'' - just with much better vocals and beat!
The whole gig finished with 'Perfect Stranger', another well known song performed with Miss Katy B. It was then that the bass got heavier, the volume turned up, and it was to the near point of deafening. However, it was amazing, and they definitely succeeded with going out with a bang - although i think i can speak for everyone there, in saying that our poor ears were pounding once we had left the venue!

I found out afterwards, that this gig had actually sold out of tickets, and it shocked me slightly. Although it has been around for quite some while (back to around the '90s), Dubstep is only just starting to get mainstream. Made up of between 138 and 142 beats per minute, most Dubstep songs consist of heavy bass lines, with drum samples, some vocals (although not always), and various other samples.

Many clubs are starting to hold 'Dubstep nights', and there seems to more and more artists producing Dubstep, or Dubstep sounding songs these days. It is the next generation of music perhaps? We've had the 'club classics', r 'n' b, drum and bass, dance... is this what will come next?

Radio stations such as BBC Radio 1 are starting to play more of this music too, and not just on the late evening shows. As said earlier, 'Katy On A Mission', is what made Magnetic Man heard of, and got them mainstream. It was being played all over the radio, even on stations such as Capital FM, who normally only play songs in the charts.

Will 2011 be the year Dubstep artists get their name? Start getting bigger and better? Part of me hopes that yes, yes they do. Most music we hear these days is the same, so I think we need something new to mix things up. It would make a change to turn on the radio, and instead of hearing artists such as Tinchy Stryder and N-Dubz, to hear acts such as NERO, Modestep, The Prototypes, Flux Pavilion and Bar 9 (to say a few...).

Who knows, perhaps next year will be the year....

*source: (Bengas Official Website)

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

hair today, gone tomorrow.

So i got up nice and early to come into University today to attempt/finish/start an essay for Poetry & Drama. Its 10:58am and I'm already procrastinating, always a good sign!

I am so unbelievably bored of my hair at the moment... due to this, i have had many different hair cuts/colours/style, and it's not in the greatest condition! For thos that don't know, about 50% of my hair isn't real - after years of having clip-in extensions, I decided to go the whole way and have a weave. Don't get me wrong, i love having it, but now I'm just so... bored with it. Again. Sigh.

Instead of having my mop chopped, I'm thinking about changing the colour instead... the problem is, to what? Before Cheryl Cole decided to dye hers that red browny colour, I was going to go back to red (I even bought the dye!), but now I'm not so sure.... However, i am wondering whether to take the plunge and do 'Ombre' hair, after seeing Zoe's and Lily's DIY tutorials. I'm just awfully scared it will look horrid on me!

Thoughts Help?!

Monday, 1 November 2010

pretty things & witty things.

winter blues.

(taken from my flickr)

I have been feeling very under the weather recently, hence the very long delay since my last post! Last week I thought I was coming down with flu, as my whole body was aching for days. All I wanted to do was sleep and stay in bed! I'm feeling slightly better now, but not 100%, boo.

The clocks went back yesterday (the 'good one'), which meant an extra hour sleep, yay. However, I am definitely not a fan of waking up in the morning when it's pitch black, then traveling to University/work in it. I wish that Scientists could come up with an explanation as to why humans need to hibernate in the Winter. Sleep and staying indoors for months? That would be ideal! I think when I die I am destined to come back as a Cat; I'd be living a life of luxury for sure.

How was everyone's Halloween? I was a major bore and stayed in watching X factor and doing very little. My excuse reason was that I am a poor student who needs to put money aside for Christmas presents.... and that I can't be bothered dressing up for a fancy dress party. 

However!! I did go out for one of my best friends birthdays on Saturday with J & some other mutual friends of ours. We went to the Ice Bar off of Regents St to start off with... it is...., interesting, but once you've been there once, it's not really worth ever going again. Without sounding like an absolute idiot, I was bloody freezing, despite having my cape on, and another padded cape + gloves. Brrrr. 

We then headed to Chiquitos for cocktails and amazing Mexican food, and then a couple of bars, before having another meal in a cafe, then heading home for a good sleep. My god was I tired the next day! I had to literally force my eyelids open, otherwise I think I would have slept the whole day. I feel like I'm getting too old for this where I don't go 'out-out' anymore... how depressing!

I feel like doing a picture post of pretty and cute things I currently love (how girlie of me!), so I shall leave you lovely people with a photo from Saturday :
The birthday girl and I.

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