Monday, 1 November 2010

winter blues.

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I have been feeling very under the weather recently, hence the very long delay since my last post! Last week I thought I was coming down with flu, as my whole body was aching for days. All I wanted to do was sleep and stay in bed! I'm feeling slightly better now, but not 100%, boo.

The clocks went back yesterday (the 'good one'), which meant an extra hour sleep, yay. However, I am definitely not a fan of waking up in the morning when it's pitch black, then traveling to University/work in it. I wish that Scientists could come up with an explanation as to why humans need to hibernate in the Winter. Sleep and staying indoors for months? That would be ideal! I think when I die I am destined to come back as a Cat; I'd be living a life of luxury for sure.

How was everyone's Halloween? I was a major bore and stayed in watching X factor and doing very little. My excuse reason was that I am a poor student who needs to put money aside for Christmas presents.... and that I can't be bothered dressing up for a fancy dress party. 

However!! I did go out for one of my best friends birthdays on Saturday with J & some other mutual friends of ours. We went to the Ice Bar off of Regents St to start off with... it is...., interesting, but once you've been there once, it's not really worth ever going again. Without sounding like an absolute idiot, I was bloody freezing, despite having my cape on, and another padded cape + gloves. Brrrr. 

We then headed to Chiquitos for cocktails and amazing Mexican food, and then a couple of bars, before having another meal in a cafe, then heading home for a good sleep. My god was I tired the next day! I had to literally force my eyelids open, otherwise I think I would have slept the whole day. I feel like I'm getting too old for this where I don't go 'out-out' anymore... how depressing!

I feel like doing a picture post of pretty and cute things I currently love (how girlie of me!), so I shall leave you lovely people with a photo from Saturday :
The birthday girl and I.

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