Tuesday, 2 November 2010

hair today, gone tomorrow.

So i got up nice and early to come into University today to attempt/finish/start an essay for Poetry & Drama. Its 10:58am and I'm already procrastinating, always a good sign!

I am so unbelievably bored of my hair at the moment... due to this, i have had many different hair cuts/colours/style, and it's not in the greatest condition! For thos that don't know, about 50% of my hair isn't real - after years of having clip-in extensions, I decided to go the whole way and have a weave. Don't get me wrong, i love having it, but now I'm just so... bored with it. Again. Sigh.

Instead of having my mop chopped, I'm thinking about changing the colour instead... the problem is, to what? Before Cheryl Cole decided to dye hers that red browny colour, I was going to go back to red (I even bought the dye!), but now I'm not so sure.... However, i am wondering whether to take the plunge and do 'Ombre' hair, after seeing Zoe's and Lily's DIY tutorials. I'm just awfully scared it will look horrid on me!

Thoughts Help?!


  1. I love Ombre hair but I would feel really worried about doing it myself! You could just go red. As a vivid red head myself, I'm a bit biased lol. I love red hair and I think it makes you different to everyone else. You don't have to go a Cheryl Cole colour:)



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