Wednesday, 17 November 2010

baby it's cold outside.

Brrrrr, when did it get so cold?! I've had to result in buying a new think chunky scarf (Primark, £8; it's amazing!), my gloves, the lot! This is not a good thing, as I hate having to wear gloves; I'm a girl who loves her food and her phone, and I seem to be incapable of doing anything involving these two when I wear gloves. I should probably invest in some mitten/fingerless gloves or something... hmmm.

I am going to sound like everyone else on blogger, but ohmygod at X Factor this weekend! I'll admit, I am not a massive Aiden fan (unlike my best friend who now refuses to watch the rest of X Factor due to his departure), but to keep Katie in over him? Really? Urgh. However saying that, as long as my darling Matt wins stays in, I don't care about anyone else. Secondly, did anyone think Cheryl's hair had a resemblance to Bram Stokers Dracula?


I am also so excited to see that American store Forever 21 has opened it's first UK store in Birmingham (too far for me *sob*), and you can purchase items on their UK website, yaaaaay. I have seen so much I would like already, and it's not as expensive as I thought it may be either! After Christmas I may take a trip up to their store, as I've wanted to go to the Bullring for a long time now also. Yipee!

I am very poor till after Christmas now, so I'm depressing myself with looking at things I wish to purchase but can't... Some bit's i am currently lusting after at the moment are;

(I need this dress in my life)

I would be eternally grateful if someone bought me some things off of this list for Christmas? Please? *flutter*


  1. I am loving that Miss Selfridge dress! Stunning<3


  2. ah i need those boots as well! lovely blog <3


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