Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Just a few photos from my 21st birthday night out;

Monday, 28 March 2011

spring has sprung.

Oooh how nice is the weather for us Londoners? It's so nice to be not wearing coats/scarves and to be wearing sunglasses! Plus, sunshine & warmth = everyone happy and no angry commuters in the morning!

I went slightly risque and wore leather (faux) leggings today... It was a bit off putting at first as they cling to EVERY part of your legs/bum, so there's no hiding any secret bulges and bumps! I'm still slightly unsure on them; what do you guys think?

I went out for my birthday night out on Saturday, and despite some... issues.. it was fun (till we went home early and I had to deal with certain things, or shall I say people!). I'm still waiting for my friend to upload her photos, so heres a cheeky one to show you all how it fitted!

(I purposely blurred out my friends face... it's not an illusion!)

Have a great week all!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

oak dreams.

So, I'm finally the big two-one. I'll admit, I don't feel much difference, although it's some what reassuring to know I can legally drink in America and get into 21+ clubs? Ha. 

I was so grateful for all my presents and cards, but it's my Mulberry Alexa that truley won my heart! It's from my parents and I'm actually in love with it. I shall treat it as I would a child! J got me a gorgeous DKNY watch and tickets to see Ghost Stories in a couple of weeks; I've been wanting to see it for months & I've heard it's brilliant yet terrifying! My little sister got me some Hollister aftershave (yes, I did say aftershave! It smells amazing), my dear old Nan got me my AQUA dress and gave me money to treat myself with, then I got money and some various mini gifts from friends and family, including this gorgeous bracelet from my best friend Sarah. I also treated myself to these Kurt Geiger shoes with some of the money I recieved... I feel very spoilt to say the least!

Also, how lovely is the weather right now? It looks like Spring has finally come down here! It's amazing how a bit of Sun and some warmth can make your day ten times better. I certainly have a little spring in my step! 

Friday, 18 March 2011


Hey guysssss, just a quick update, as I've been busy! I'll do a proper one at the weekend, but just wanted to say that I'm doing Race For Life this year, and would really appreciate it if you could sponsor me (even if it's just £1!)

Normal blogging shall resume asap; uni is taking over my life atm :(

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Monday, 7 March 2011

monday blues.

001. I despise Mondays with a passion, and all I have to do is go to University! How am I going to cope when I have a full time job?! I didn't have lecture today, as it was (annoyingly) cancelled. Normally I would have thought, "YES! No Uni for me; back to bed it is!" but we was going to be talking about our next novel, Never Let Me Go, which I was excited about! (partly because I enjoyed the book, but mainly because I had actually finished a book before we started the lecture on it; a first for me!).

002. I have my contact lens fit this afternoon too, which I'm pretty nervous about. For those who don't know, I work part-time at Tesco, which I've done since leaving school in 2006. I've changed departments a few times, and now I work on the Opticians (which means free sight tests, free contact lens checks, free glasses and free contacts!). However, I get very nervous and anxious about having my eyes tested, so to have a teach with my colleagues around me is a bit daunting. I know, I know, I sound ridiculous! Even reading it back I realise how silly I sound. Wish me luck anyhow! I'm determined to get some so I can actually see when I go out for my birthday bash.

003. Lastly, hello new followers! My page views/followers seems to have shot up in the past few days which makes me extremely happy! I love seeing that people actually like reading about my blog and my ramblings (you crazy bunch). Don't be a stranger, come say hey!

ps; I'm considering getting a side fringe cut back in; thoughts?!

Friday, 4 March 2011


001. My oh my, I am just beyond exhausted at the moment. Thank god for photoshop as the circles under my eyes are horrific at the moment :( I spent a very stressed filled day walking across London to scout out Birthday venues. To cut a (very) long story short, my original venue ended up being booked up, so I spent all of yesterday & today panicking and stressing, just to find out they can still accommodate me on pretty much the same deal I was going for. I cheered myself up with some gorgeous Godiva chocolates. Nom.

002. I have two essays to finish (when I say finish, I mean start) before the end of this month, which I am determined to do next week! One is for Politics, the other is for Poetry and Drama - I have to go to the Finborough Theatre on Wednesday to see a play, then write my anaylis up for it. Oh joy!

003. The AQUA dress debate continues... I am purchasing it on Sunday, but I need help deciding on which colour. Originally it was out of the black, red and tan, but from previous responses, it's now out of the tan or red!


ps; I have also noticed how desperately i need my eyebrows done. They look like caterpillars, boo.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

gold dust.

Here I am again, leaving essays to the last minute and procrastinating on the internet *slaps wrists* When will I ever learn?

(both dresses from Topshop)

Excuse the absolutely awful quality of the photo; that's what you get when your friend uploads the photos to Facebook and it descales them. The girl next to me is my best friend Sarah; she'll probably crop up in more of my photos now and again! The dress she's wearing is one of mine that I got in the sale at the Topshop concession at Debenhams - it was only £10!

We went out to our friends birthday Saturday night to Strawberry Moons in Maidstone, Kent. I've kind of grown out of clubbing now, and much prefer dinner and bar dates, but when it's a friends 21st you can't say no really. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the choice of venue! It had two floors & another separate room, a good choice of music and (!!!!!) cocktails were £3... yes, you heard me right girls, three pounds. If you've been reading my blog a while you'll know that I am a sucker for my cocktails.. and, well, I was in heaven! I didn't drink much as Sarah was driving (and who wants a drunk passenger?) but I must go back and make the most of it.

Once I've finished today's essay I need to start my politics one this week, then book my birthday up.. Only a mere three weeks till I hit the grand old age of 21! I have no idea what J or my parents are getting me, so I'm all excited!

In other news, I went and tried on the Aqua dress and although I needed a smaller size, and it was the white I tried on, it was pure love. I can get 20% off from ASOS so it'll bring the price down to £136 which makes it a bit easier to swallow if I do decide to purchase it. Decisions decisions..

I must dash and finish this essay... it's about the novel Mrs Dalloway and feminism, so if any of you have views/opinions feel free to share (as I'm very stuck!)

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