Wednesday, 23 March 2011

oak dreams.

So, I'm finally the big two-one. I'll admit, I don't feel much difference, although it's some what reassuring to know I can legally drink in America and get into 21+ clubs? Ha. 

I was so grateful for all my presents and cards, but it's my Mulberry Alexa that truley won my heart! It's from my parents and I'm actually in love with it. I shall treat it as I would a child! J got me a gorgeous DKNY watch and tickets to see Ghost Stories in a couple of weeks; I've been wanting to see it for months & I've heard it's brilliant yet terrifying! My little sister got me some Hollister aftershave (yes, I did say aftershave! It smells amazing), my dear old Nan got me my AQUA dress and gave me money to treat myself with, then I got money and some various mini gifts from friends and family, including this gorgeous bracelet from my best friend Sarah. I also treated myself to these Kurt Geiger shoes with some of the money I recieved... I feel very spoilt to say the least!

Also, how lovely is the weather right now? It looks like Spring has finally come down here! It's amazing how a bit of Sun and some warmth can make your day ten times better. I certainly have a little spring in my step! 


  1. Happy Birthday! I love your KG shoes (and of course your beautiful new handbag!)

  2. Happy Birthday! Wow you did good on the presents front, the bag is amazing!

  3. What lovely presents! Ghost Stories is coming to Toronto this April- myself and a friend are going to see it, I'm so intrigued as to what its actually about. I heard it is done by the same people who do Darren Browns stage shows (-:


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