Monday, 7 March 2011

monday blues.

001. I despise Mondays with a passion, and all I have to do is go to University! How am I going to cope when I have a full time job?! I didn't have lecture today, as it was (annoyingly) cancelled. Normally I would have thought, "YES! No Uni for me; back to bed it is!" but we was going to be talking about our next novel, Never Let Me Go, which I was excited about! (partly because I enjoyed the book, but mainly because I had actually finished a book before we started the lecture on it; a first for me!).

002. I have my contact lens fit this afternoon too, which I'm pretty nervous about. For those who don't know, I work part-time at Tesco, which I've done since leaving school in 2006. I've changed departments a few times, and now I work on the Opticians (which means free sight tests, free contact lens checks, free glasses and free contacts!). However, I get very nervous and anxious about having my eyes tested, so to have a teach with my colleagues around me is a bit daunting. I know, I know, I sound ridiculous! Even reading it back I realise how silly I sound. Wish me luck anyhow! I'm determined to get some so I can actually see when I go out for my birthday bash.

003. Lastly, hello new followers! My page views/followers seems to have shot up in the past few days which makes me extremely happy! I love seeing that people actually like reading about my blog and my ramblings (you crazy bunch). Don't be a stranger, come say hey!

ps; I'm considering getting a side fringe cut back in; thoughts?!


  1. OMG I absolutely loved Never Let Me Go...I did a post about it not too long ago. Good Stuff.
    - Don't worry about the contacts, it'll all go down without a hitch! they're a bit fiddley at first, but its just about getting used to them really.

    oh also, the fringe. I think a think blunt fringe would look beaut xxx

  2. I hate eye tests too, i've recently got glasses and they're taking some getting used to!
    I think your hair would lovely with a side fringe, I have a blunt fringe which I love although it does need trimming a lot! xx

  3. i've heard nothing but good things about that book! I really need to seek it out :) I need to get contact lenses.. i cannot see my lecture board for my life! xx

  4. Really want to read that book! Lucky you getting free contacts, mine cost me a fortune! xx


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