Monday, 28 March 2011

spring has sprung.

Oooh how nice is the weather for us Londoners? It's so nice to be not wearing coats/scarves and to be wearing sunglasses! Plus, sunshine & warmth = everyone happy and no angry commuters in the morning!

I went slightly risque and wore leather (faux) leggings today... It was a bit off putting at first as they cling to EVERY part of your legs/bum, so there's no hiding any secret bulges and bumps! I'm still slightly unsure on them; what do you guys think?

I went out for my birthday night out on Saturday, and despite some... issues.. it was fun (till we went home early and I had to deal with certain things, or shall I say people!). I'm still waiting for my friend to upload her photos, so heres a cheeky one to show you all how it fitted!

(I purposely blurred out my friends face... it's not an illusion!)

Have a great week all!


  1. LOVE the leggings! I really like that your ring is matte instead of shiny as well, it's unusual! xx

  2. thanks darling!
    i got it in topshops flash sale :) its so pretty!
    haha you do? i love them & ive had them since christmas but this is the first time i've worn them!

  3. I love your bracelet! Where is it from?

  4. Thank you! It's from urban outfitters, my friend got it for my birthday :) here's the link:,5,shop,womens,womensaccessories,braceletspins


  5. lovely :) how nice was the weather last week- keep it up please, I love the sun, makes everything better & everything smile!
    gorgeous dress you wore on Saturday nightxx

  6. The leggings look great! I've not embraced the leather trend yet, I'm a bit scared of it but I think it looks so good!

  7. thanks girls :)
    yeh i just don't know how to wear them with much else! (unless with heels on a night out and some kind of dress/top?!)

    ah steph i adoooore the dress i wore! it's even more gorgeous in real life :)

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