Wednesday, 26 January 2011

baltimore clap.

Hello there strangers - remember me? Thought not. It has been two weeks since my last blog post. TWO WEEKS! I am actually a poor excuse for a blogger :( Apologies! I won't bore you with my excuses reasons, but I assure you it won't happen again!

I have been a naughty girl recently, and bought lots of stuff (that I can't really afford as I'm still paying off my car... shh), but there is so much lovely S/S stuff out there at the moment that I just could not resist! I have no will power what so ever. It's because of this that I don't think I will ever be able to save up and afford my own place!

Anyway, these are the lovely things I've been getting my mitts on;

I also purchased some trousers and a cute top which i wore today;

I always love seeing other peoples outfit posts, but I never really have the time and patience to always do my own. My room is far too tiny, and the rest of the rooms in my house are too impractical to take photos in! I'll try do some more every now and again, probably more so in the Summer - that way I can do them outside where space isn't a problem :)

I've also changed my layout ever so slightly with my choice of fonts... I would love to re-do it completely, but I am the worst person at designing layouts and doing any type of fancy html! However, if anyone is feeling generous, I would love some help in designing one!

Oh! I also want to wish Sarah a very happy birthday today too. Make her day & go visit her blog; it's full of lovely photos, and (unlike yours truly) she's a regular blogger :P 

I need to dash, but I shall update in a few days!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

shots all round!

(looking slightly worse for wear..)

I've been putting this post off a while, because I was hoping to get some nicer photos from Saturday night, as i stupidly forgot to take any of my outfit/dress due to running late *facepalm*. No-one seems to have posted any on Facebook (my only resource sigh), so I stole this one that Nanci had of us both! The dress is from Topshop; I got it 1-2 years ago now? Don't take my word on that! It's quite fitted, with elbow length sleeves, and your back is shown, as it's slightly cut out. It looks gorgeous on, and I adore it!

I had quite a good night (from what I can remember...). We had our staff party in a function room, where we had drink tokens for free drinks (yipee!), so everyone got pretty messy. Afterwards we went into Romford (I'm sure some of you may have heard of it - it isn't the nicest of places), where we went to a club/bar called Brannigans - it basically plays cheesy/pop music all night, and when you've had one too many, it is the best night! 

I'm trying to start planning my 21st too... It's not until March, but I want somewhere booked, and I want to know how many people will be coming! I've looked into places such as Tiger Tiger and Roadhouse (I'll be going London btw), so I would love any recommendations of good places to go! Pref where you can book a table or booth :)

My resolutions are going.... so/so. I forgot I had an essay due tomorrow - Christmas and New Year threw me completely out of sync - so instead of doing it now, I am writing this. Woops. Healthy eating isn't toooooo bad! I treat myself properly on weekends, and in the week, if I fancy a packet of crisps, then I'll have some, but I'm trying not to over-indulge and making sure I have (a good) breakfast, lunch & dinner! I'm going back to the gym Friday, which I am not looking forward to /sadface. However I need to shift this excess Christmas weight, and I want lovely slim legs & tum to match! Wish me luck!

Anyway, I suppose I better go shift my arse and do this essay; thankfully I'm not in work till 11:30 tomorrow (hello 10am lay in), so I don't need to sleep anytime soon! I always find getting 'into' the essay is the hardest part though... especially when I am lost with what to write! I shall do a proper entry in the next day or two once I've finally stopped stressing and I can write a decent entry with plenty of photos! Till next time....

Friday, 7 January 2011

winter glow.

Fake tan - the love and hate of womens lives. I'll admit, I love having a nice tan and glow (especially if it's natural!), but I have no time for the upkeep of it. I'm a typically lazy student aren't I?
I went through my phase of fake tanning in college (3-4 years ago), where I would use it at least twice a week to upkeep a nice colour! However I stopped when some girl sneered at me saying "Why are your arms so brown? It's winter...".

Occasionally i've used it when going out to parties/clubs/bars, and want to get my legs out and not look casper white! However, this is a good year - 2 years ago now, and i've been trying to 'embrace' my paleness since then.

As you may have read in my last post, I have my work party tomorrow, and I'm considering, for one night only, to look a bit golden, and less washed out. I used to use St. Tropez (the liquid tan, not mousse!) and apply with a mitt, mixing a little with moisturiser for my face and neck. However, it's been in my cupboard for quite some time, so I don't think it would be wise to use it! My question to you girlie, is, what recommendations do you have of fake tans? (pref ones that develop better over night). I'm going to purchase a new one later, but would love to hear what you use for yourselves (if any!). For the record, I wish not to look like this;

(link) i mean.... really?

Thursday, 6 January 2011


Mac raincoat - ASOS
Top & Skirt - Topshop

(my face isn't meant to be in this, I did it on purpose to get a better view of the top - promise!)

I'm kinda cheating with this post, as I took these photos at the beginning of the week, shhh. I'm still not feeling 100%, and I've been super busy, so I haven't got 'round to doing this entry! I'm going to a 'best and worst of 2010 in photos' this week, as looking at all you lot doing mine has inspired me to also do one! It's a good way to look back on the year :)

It's my work Christmas party on Saturday (a bit late, no?), and I am having a m.a.r.e about what to wear. I work in retail, and have had the same job for four years, so I know pretty much everyone in my store. However, because of this, it makes me uneasy on how to dress! Those who work in retail will know what I mean, when I say about how gossipy/bitchy it is. Too underdressed and I will look like I've just stepped off the streets, and too overdressed, I'll look like I'm going to a wedding (well, this is how people I work with will see it as!). I'm not to particularly care what people think of me, but I wish to look nice and make an effort! I have a couple of dresses in mind, so I'll post a photo Saturday! 

Back to Uni Monday too, boo. With all the Christmas and New Year rush, I haven't got 'round to completing an essay due at the end of the next week. So guess what tomorrow will consist of doing... yup you've got it, bed, reading, napping and eating. (not really, I'll make a start on it... maybe..). 
It is going to kill me getting up at 6:15am next week, I've got too used to laying in till 10am most days! However it will mean I get to put videos on my new iPad, which will make train journeys a bit more bearable! Im also planning on rekindling my friendship with the gym tomorrow/next week; god help me!

Did many of you make many resolutions for the new year? Mine are (so far);

  • Eat more healthy (farewell biscuits, my dear friends)
  • Go to the gym more, and stop being such a sloth
  • Start my essays early (pah!)
  • Stop over-worrying, over-thinking & generally being a stress head!

I am looking forward to seeing if I manage to last with any of these ; especially number one and four! I want to hear yours too!

ps; if any of you lovely ladies and gents are on twitter, feel free to follow me here! It's private, but I'll accept, don't worry ;)

Sunday, 2 January 2011

the number fifteen.

my motto in life. 
image via here

Sorry guys, I know I was going to do my Christmas entry yesterday or today, but I've been so ill, and haven't got 'round to sorting my things out & picking up my camera. It seems like everyone is coming down with colds/flu recently :(

I've seen this going around the blogging-sphere at the moment, and the very lovely Meg from 'Made In A Cup' (check out her blog, she is awesome!), tagged me in her entry, so here goes!

Rules: Come up with fifteen random facts about yourself & share them with the blog world!
After doing so, tag 5 other bloggers to do so too.

1. I am awful with money. I mean, seriously. I'm always poor/in debt, and never seem to know where it all goes! It seems to be on a mix of petrol, Topshop clothes that i don't actually need, Nandos, magazines, or beauty/facial stuff that I probably won't use. In the future I need a job to fund the lifestyle that I so desperately need!

2. I'm a mere 5"2.5 /sadface. I hate being short, especially as everyone else in my family is taller than me! (including my fourteen year old sister). However, it does mean I can wear whatever size heels! Yipee!

3. I get fed up with my hair so easily. I've been wearing extensions for over four years now, and have a feeling I'll never be able to part with them! Only until recently have I grown my fringe out, but I'm now looking to have it cut back in and dyed a different colour, as I'm now hating my hair again. 

4. I hate confrontation. This makes me seem like a pushover, as I hatehatehate arguing/having to confront someone! 

5. Being British, I constantly moan about the weather. When it's Summer I get annoyed with the heat and how I can't wait for it to be Winter, then when Winter comes, I moan about the snow, and sub zero temperatures. 

6. I love cocktails. I mean, seriously love them. More so than beer & wine! My favorites our Raspberry Daiquiris and Cosmopolitans. Yum. 

7. I have a lot of guilty pleasures when it comes to TV shows that J teases me about. I'm a massive fan of Gossip Girl (major love for Blair and Chuck), 90210, Don't Tell The Bride, Snog Marry Avoid, One Tree Hill, Dexter, House, The Only Way Is Essex, Fringe... there's too many!

8. I have to wear glasses for most everyday things, as I'm short sighted. It's unlikely you'll ever see a picture of me wearing them though, as I think I look a nerd!

9. I hate talking on the phone to people and will avoid it at all costs. It makes me SO nervous, and I feel like I'm going to throw up. I'm an idiot, I know.

10. I've actually traveled to quite a few places, including New York, Majorca, Rome, Venice, Verona, Milan, Paris (quite a few times), Egypt (inc. Cairo when I went) Germany, Cyprus & Barcelona. There's still so many places I wish to go though, including the Caribbean, Thailand, Tokyo and Australia.

11. I'm saving every book I've ever purchased, as I wish to one day have my own library in my house. *swoon*

12. I worry SO much. I seriously think I'm going to have some type of breakdown before the age of 30 at this rate!

13. For those that don't know, I actually live in Essex, and always have done. I don't sound like those off of 'The Only Way Is Essex', thank god, but I don't think I have a nice accent, which is why I won't ever do a video blog!

14. I hate people who can't spell properly (I don't mean if they are dyslexic or something, just have no common sense). Especially when they spell things phonetically, or get your/you're mixed up. ARGH. Due to this, I will never join a Facebook group if the spelling or punctuation is wrong. Does that make me mean? :(

15. Although I may not seem it, I am actually very, very, insecure and self conscious. I look in the mirror and point out so many flaws! Or I'll be worrying about what I look like when I go out (especially if I'm dressed up!). Saying that, I am excellent at hiding these fears and worries ;)

Can't wait to see these lovely peoples responses!
Caroline - Sparkly Vodka

Make sure to check out their blogs too :)

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