Wednesday, 12 January 2011

shots all round!

(looking slightly worse for wear..)

I've been putting this post off a while, because I was hoping to get some nicer photos from Saturday night, as i stupidly forgot to take any of my outfit/dress due to running late *facepalm*. No-one seems to have posted any on Facebook (my only resource sigh), so I stole this one that Nanci had of us both! The dress is from Topshop; I got it 1-2 years ago now? Don't take my word on that! It's quite fitted, with elbow length sleeves, and your back is shown, as it's slightly cut out. It looks gorgeous on, and I adore it!

I had quite a good night (from what I can remember...). We had our staff party in a function room, where we had drink tokens for free drinks (yipee!), so everyone got pretty messy. Afterwards we went into Romford (I'm sure some of you may have heard of it - it isn't the nicest of places), where we went to a club/bar called Brannigans - it basically plays cheesy/pop music all night, and when you've had one too many, it is the best night! 

I'm trying to start planning my 21st too... It's not until March, but I want somewhere booked, and I want to know how many people will be coming! I've looked into places such as Tiger Tiger and Roadhouse (I'll be going London btw), so I would love any recommendations of good places to go! Pref where you can book a table or booth :)

My resolutions are going.... so/so. I forgot I had an essay due tomorrow - Christmas and New Year threw me completely out of sync - so instead of doing it now, I am writing this. Woops. Healthy eating isn't toooooo bad! I treat myself properly on weekends, and in the week, if I fancy a packet of crisps, then I'll have some, but I'm trying not to over-indulge and making sure I have (a good) breakfast, lunch & dinner! I'm going back to the gym Friday, which I am not looking forward to /sadface. However I need to shift this excess Christmas weight, and I want lovely slim legs & tum to match! Wish me luck!

Anyway, I suppose I better go shift my arse and do this essay; thankfully I'm not in work till 11:30 tomorrow (hello 10am lay in), so I don't need to sleep anytime soon! I always find getting 'into' the essay is the hardest part though... especially when I am lost with what to write! I shall do a proper entry in the next day or two once I've finally stopped stressing and I can write a decent entry with plenty of photos! Till next time....


  1. you look lovely in this photo, you make up looks so pretty. you've gotta love a staff party - i made the most of the free drinks at mine as well! x

  2. you look ace here and that topshop dress is a beaut! ♥ elle x

  3. you're both lovely; thank you for the comments! i still could not find a half decent photo unfortunately :( xxx


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