Friday, 12 November 2010

winter wonderland.

Sorry I've been so delayed on blogging recently; University & work is taking over my life. If I'm not at University, then I seem to be at work, and if I'm not at work I seem to be doing work for University. It's a vicious cycle! I've been keeping an eye on all your posts, and commenting when I remember, so I haven't forgot about you all!

(taken via Flickr)

I started my Christmas shopping on Wednesday with my Mum, and although it is resorting into me having to go open an overdraft, I'm excited that I'm nearly finished! I just need to finish getting some presents for the family and J's - I feel so organised! Christmas is only six weeks away also! Six! Crazy. I've been shopping with my Mum to pick my presents, and I can't wait to recieve these!

(these look so much nicer in real life)

I was planning on doing a post with more things, but I can't find anything online! Typical *huff* I am still debating what to do with my hair also, I'm so bored of it and need to do something new with it! Any ideas would be most welcome :-)

I'll do some more outfit/portrait posts this week or next too ; I haven't picked my camera up in a while, but I'll start making more of an effort!

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