Wednesday, 8 December 2010

smile like you mean it.

(via here - i may be going back here next year, yipee!)

If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you'll know that I'm the worst person when it comes to doing any type of work - I'm constantly procrastinating; especially on Facebook or/and Twitter! Anyhoo, I was browsing my Facebook today; y'know, stalking, looking at old photos, the usual... and I came across a 'note' I had written last February. At the time, they were all the craze, and it was basically "25 things no-one knows about you" (or some rubbish like that!).

I've seen some similar things lurking around on the blogging community, although it's normally 7 things, so I thought I'd join in and let you all have a sneaky peek into my life!

01. You wont meet anyone who worries as much as I do. seriously, I am the biggest worrier ever. I actually fear I'm heading towards some type of nervous break down, as I can never seem to relax/not have things on my mind!

02. I have major trust issues. it's only because of J that I finally feel comfortable opening up (although only to him mind you...). I never used to be able to trust someone 100% - I didn't intentionally do it, or want to push them away, it's just how I was. I didn't like (and still don't) feeling like I'm putting my problems on other people!

03. I have strange eating habits. I HATE doughnuts and marshmallow (which is shocking to some people) and if I butter bread I can’t have it lumpy otherwise I can’t eat it. I can’t mix food in my sandwiches either (eg. I cant have cheese AND ham, or tuna AND sweetcorn). I also go through phases of loving one food and living on it for weeks on end, before finding something different! At the moment, it's the pepperorn Kettle chips. Nom.

04. I'm still scared of the dark... slightly. i do the whole 'turn the light off downstairs then sprint into my room' thing. I have no idea why, as clearly, there is no-one downstairs in my house, but it's something i can't grow out of! I also have to sleep closet to the wall/furthest away from the door when im in bed.

05. I'm so clumsy. you would laugh if you saw some of the things I manage to do. I'm always dropping things, throwing my phone (aka, it magically sliding out of my hand and hitting itself agaisnt a hard surface), spilling hot drinks. I'm an accident waiting to happen!

06. I hate cooking. remember my post about baking lasagne? Probably the most extreme thing I've ever cooked! I have no enjoyment from cooking meals - and it stresses me out, as I'm trying to remember a million things at once (See what i meant about worrying?).

07. I am oh so very indecisive. which annoys the hell outta' people. i hate making decisions incase the other person doesn't want to do the same thing/think it's rubbish! I'd rather just go alone with it all.

I hope you don't find me too weird from reading that! Also, expect about 2/3 boring updates in the next couple of days - It's for my Journalism coursework, and I need proof of actually writing something up and presenting it on my blog; boo.

Till next time....

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  1. HA so many of these apply to me too! Especially 1,2,4, 5 and 7! xxx


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