Wednesday, 20 October 2010

chunky knits and lots of layers.

(Image via weheartit)

Oh my god, when did it get SO cold?! I was literally shivering at the station this morning, and the one day i decided to stick my hair up (into a messy, im a student who is lazy, bun), my ears were frozen! Despite the numerous clothes i have in my wadrobe, i think this weather justifies in purchasing some nice chunky, warm, Winter clothes. (or as i see it, buying everything from Topshops knitwear section).

As much as i hate Winter (i am definitely more of a Summer girl - no snow, rain and ice for me thank you!), i must admit, i love just layering up my clothes; vests, with cardigans, jumpers, coats, wooly scarfs, knitted tights, ankle socks, boots... ah i get happy just dreaming up my perfect outfit. Here some bits i am currently stopping myself from purchasing (&some that i am wishing i had the money to buy!);

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